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Beautiful Design Made Simple Magazine

It is always my pleasure to give my two cents…oh, who are we kidding? I will give my dimes worth of  opinion, solicited or not! So when asked by Carpet One to give my design trends for 2016 I jumped on it. Enjoy this very cool online magazine full of tips, trends and recipes. Click […]

Kelli Ellis_Image 7_July 29, 2014

Bypass Basic: Tips for a Chic and Elegant Dining Room

The dining room is one of those areas that tends to face design issues. The first problem I see in a lot of dining rooms is a lack of a cohesive design. It can be one of those rooms where all of the old, unwanted or hand-me-down furniture finds a home, and none of it […]

Kelli Ellis_Image 12_September 3, 2014

Illuminating Ideas: Light Fixtures to Love

Light fixtures are one of those often underappreciated yet extremely important components of home design. They are the jewelry of the room! Changing out the light fixtures in your home is one of the fastest, simplest ways to completely revamp the look of a room, and homeowners are often shocked at what a significant difference […]