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Sunrooms: Maximize the Shine

In design, sunrooms can be one of those strange ambiguous spaces that don’t have a defined purpose for a lot of homeowners. They can go under-utilized or unused altogether, which is really a shame because a sunroom has the potentially to be a beautiful and functional space, but as with anything in your home, it’s […]

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Finding Balance with Transitional Style

As a designer I often hear my clients say they want a style for their home that’s not “too” anything—not too traditional, not too modern, not too cold, not too cluttered. What they don’t always realize is that there’s a term for a design style that’s not “too” and is instead all about balance—it’s called […]

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Bring a Hint of the Hamptons to Your Home

No matter where you live nothing quite says Summer more than images of the Hamptons. Just the phrase “The Hamptons,” tends to conjure visions of beachside clambakes, sidewalk cafes and spending leisurely afternoons lounging and relaxing. At the same time, The Hamptons doesn’t just bring to mind images of a certain setting and lifestyle—it’s also […]