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Scandinavian design

6 Elements Worth Borrowing From Scandinavian Design

Clean lines, simple color palettes, natural materials—these are some of the many elements worth loving about Scandinavian interior design. There’s a sense of minimalism that a lot of people love about European, and more specifically, Scandinavian design, and this style can frequently be used interchangeably with what we see in America as being a modern […]

From Homedit.com

Bring a Hint of the Hamptons to Your Home

No matter where you live nothing quite says Summer more than images of the Hamptons. Just the phrase “The Hamptons,” tends to conjure visions of beachside clambakes, sidewalk cafes and spending leisurely afternoons lounging and relaxing. At the same time, The Hamptons doesn’t just bring to mind images of a certain setting and lifestyle—it’s also […]