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Back to Basics: Trendy Design Geometry

Maybe you weren’t a fan of math, and more specifically geometry—at least not in school, but you may feel differently when it comes to home décor. Geometric design elements certainly aren’t new. Geometry has a long, ancient history and it’s been used to design some of the world’s most iconic structures. The ancient Greeks and […]

From Architectural Digest

6 Celebrity Homes That Will Leave You Inspired (and a Little Envious)

Celebrities are known for being trendsetters when it comes to their personal style and the same holds true for their homes. It’s been my pleasure to design many of these beautiful homes. If you’re looking to find inspiration for your own home it can be fun to look toward the homes of A-list celebrities. You […]


Harmony Between Masculine and Feminine Design

We’ve all been into those rooms or even those entire homes that seem to be overwhelmingly masculine or completely feminine. You can usually spot the signs of either, whether it’s a room full of leather, or on the flip side, one with a pastel color palette and floral patterns. The stereotypical things we associated with […]