8 Amazing Celebrity Bathrooms

I recently talked about some of my favorite celebrity homes in general, but what about the all-important bathroom? Celebrities seem to have access to the best of everything and their bathrooms are no exceptions. Some of the bathrooms on this list are actually jaw-dropping and straight out of a luxury spa. Here’s 8 absolutely amazing […]

From Elle Décor

Kitchen Islands That Will Have You Green With Envy

When I’m designing a kitchen so often the client wants an island, and why not? Kitchen islands are a great way to add extra storage, give you more functional space and they’re also ideal if you love entertaining because people tend to inherently gather around an island. While they’re utilitarian, kitchen islands can be about […]


Mimic Mad Men with Midcentury Modern Design

Midcentury modern design aesthetics have been increasingly popular as of late—some designers and homeowners are going full-scale midcentury modern, while others like to infuse a few elements of the design style. When you think midcentury modern you can almost envision Don Draper relaxing on the sofa and having a martini (and wouldn’t that be nice). […]